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12 Dec 2011 New: Module for Webpage Re-direction (FREE!)

When creating a new website (or updating an old site), one of the important considerations is how those who have bookmarked old links will find your new pages. This is not just an accessibility issue, but an SEO (Search Engine) one to: they have your old pages stored - how will they know about the new ones, and how long will it take for the old links to dissappear?

With our new web-page redirection module, you can set up forwarding to ensure visitors are transparently redirected to the new pages. With the new module you may specify the original file path, and then the path to redirect users to.

You can also specify whether the redirection is permenant or not. Specifying a permenant redirection will ensure search engine results are updated immediately and browsers cache the new page in place of the old. When specifying a redirection, we stronly encourage setting up all redirections as 'temporary' until you have had a chance to test them and ensure they are working.

This module will be automatically available for free on all new sites created through the BayView CMS.

Existing users have had this module applied to their accounts.

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